Wednesday, 14 April, 2021

Weight Loss Concerns

Dixya Poudel

Most of us have experienced weight loss troubles. Fitness is all the rage today as we all wish to look our best. However, in an uphill struggle with diet and exercise, we know how tenuous our self-determination is when it comes to weight loss. While considering calories in our foods or taking measure of our fitness is crucial, it can be equally strenuous.
Body Mass Index (BMI) is an indicator of body fat and can be calculated by dividing body weight in kilogrammes by the square of body height in metres. It determines whether we are underweight or overweight. If our BMI isn't in the right scale, we should work to attain the ideal weight for the benefit of our health. There are several factors to consider when it comes to weight gains. They are diet, exercise, medicines and hormones, among others. The imbalances in these factors are the culprits behind weight gains. If we carefully examine our lifestyle, we can find out the main reason behind our increasing weight and further take steps to lose weight.
Health experts suggest including right amounts of carbohydrate, protein, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals in our diet. Next, an exercise regime is necessary to ward off excess weight. We should consult doctors about our medications and hormones level. While all this is common knowledge, we still find it hard to maintain an ideal weight in the constant battle against our bodies. On the other hand, it is equally vital to not let our weight become a source of our insecurities.
When we open up about our body image issues, it creates a domino effect on our social circle. And today there are moderately open conversations surrounding body images. It is said that we are more than our bodies or that the number on the weighing scale isn’t the only or definite worth of a person. Yet, women are consistently put up to unrealistic expectations surrounding body images by the media. We should be lean and thin. We should defer to the societies' ideal body image. And we should never let ourselves slack when it comes to our appearances.
Such ideals certainly put women on a race against weight and its consequences. It further debilitates the confidence of women. Female public figures are particularly judged for their appearances. Thus when they admit to weight issues, it opens up the stifled conversations that have been brewing on the fairer gender for years and even decades.
However, if we study history we can find that the standards of beauty and body image differ according to a particular time and era. As seen through the Western arts from centuries ago, it was once in vogue to be a little curvier. In comparison, runway models today are stick thin and are considered the icons of beauty. This only fuels the industry behind body images that profit off the insecurities of girls and women worldwide. Therefore, it is more important than ever to impart messages of positive body images.
It has become common for people to go to gyms and fitness centres to not just shed weight but also to strengthen their core muscles through weight training. However, struggles with weight need to be handled with caution, especially as they have implications on our psychological health.