Tuesday, 2 March, 2021

We publish facts, people make their judgement

Gopal Khanal


The Rising Nepal turns 56 today. Happy birthday to this daily and congratulations to its team. Thank you readers, you are all along with us in this long journey!
As TRN is celebrating its 55th anniversary limiting within its newsroom due to COVID-19 pandemic, my association with the TRN as a consulting editor is completing two years soon. The pandemic restricted our anniversary’s extensive plan, but it cannot stop our commitment to well inform the citizens. It always discards fake and brings out facts.
As the consulting editor, I promise that The Rising Nepal will take newer heights in the days to come with the collective efforts of an energetic journalist team. You, the readers, can observe the visible changes in the contents, lay-out and look of this newspaper. This was possible due to collective efforts of all, who are directly and indirectly involved with this newspaper.
Recollecting these two years, my one-liner is simple - I could possibly add a brick to highlight the national narrative of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’. I am satisfied. My one decade plus journalistic experience in private media could hardly provide the satisfaction that I got in these two years in the state-owned media. My aim was to support the nation and Nepali people for achieving their goals. I got full support from the government for openly exercising freedom for selecting the contents and publishing them the next morning.
We have tried our best to convince the people that TRN and Gorkhapatra are not the ‘mouthpiece’ of the government, but the ‘mouthpiece’ of the nation. We have changed, so we urge all to change their outlook towards The Rising Nepal. We are the state’s newspaper, not the government’s newspaper. TRN has covered the diversity of the nation and pointed out the weakness of the government through ‘constructive criticism’.
Since Nepal has entered into a new stage of development after long political transition, the media should support this national endeavour of development and prosperity. The Rising Nepal has been focusing on development news and it will make development Journalism as its motto. In the coming days, you will read the Rising Nepal with more development-focused news. I believe journalism should not create problems, but solve them.
TRN’s goal is to sort out problems by publishing the facts. We put forth the facts, people will draw their conclusion and make judgement.
Once again, I say Happy Birthday to The Rising Nepal. We promise we will give you better Rising Nepal, but we also expect your constructive feedback. 

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