Monday, 6 July, 2020

The Occasion Of Love

Bini Dahal

The super market is filled with red heart-shaped balloons and the chocolate section is packed with discount offers for Valentine's Day. You want to eat this particular chocolate but realise that you are single. Obviously, you can buy the chocolate and eat. But it is not the same like other days. You question yourself and try to avert your eyes towards something different that has no connection with this occasion. The day is always preceded by Valentine’s Week that begins from February 7th up until February 14th. So, there is an extra week of torture waiting for single people!
This is the case for many singles out there. Had it been some other day, they would be seen congratulating every couple on the road and would be busy showing off their single status. But Valentine's Day reminds them of their single status in a different manner. "30 things to do when you are single on Valentine's Day" is not really the kind of headline that single people want to read. They obviously feel mocked. With the mocking come varied suggestions like trying out a new relationship or presenting parents' with gifts and chocolates. This may sound like a good suggestion but what about Father's Day and Mother's Day?
There was a time when Valentine's Day was called a western culture and looked upon with much scrutiny. But today's newest generation marks it as an important day in their calendar. According to statistics, in 2019, Nepali flower traders imported rose stems worth of Rs. 15 million for the occasion. This shows the hype of Valentine's Day among people.
The occasion is suitable only for couples but is irrelevant for single people. Keeping this in mind, the concept of Single's Day was brought. It is a Chinese holiday observed every year on November 11th. The day first originated from Nanjing University in 1993. November 11 (11/11), consisting of four "1"s, was chosen as it represents four singles to celebrate being single. Chinese e-commerce giants like AliBaba benefit the most during this day. On its platform, it stated that it had sold goods worth 268 billion Yuan or $38.4 billion on November 11, 2019. The figure easily exceeds the records of 2018 which showed its earning to be $30.7 billion. Electronic gadgets and fashion items were among the most sold goods in the Singles’ Day annual event.
Events like Single's Day can be helpful for people who think they are lonely. Not everyone is mentally strong. A simple heart-ache can compel you to do something irrational and reckless. It may sound nothing but even a simple Valentine's Day celebration can cause great damage to some people who tend to overthink. So it is very important to remain calm and happy and self-satisfied. Shopping and enjoying dinner or travel can be a good distractor. It is very vital to fill yourself with positive thoughts and messages and enjoy your life to the fullest. Therefore, the idea of Single's Day must be welcomed even if it means promoting good mental health. The Single’s Day can be a way of justifying that you are living a happy life even without a special person in your life and you are still rocking it! 

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