Saturday, 4 April, 2020

Nature’s Wrath

LB Thapa

Many of us believe that nature is god because it rules the universe. God has made numerous creatures which come in different shapes and sizes. Among all living organisms, there is one creature the god has put in the highest pedestal. Undoubtedly, that creature is human being. God has equipped us with so much power that no other creatures on this planet match us.
And this is also true that big power comes with bigger responsibility. Being the supreme creation of god, we got to act responsibly. But are we? Perhaps, not. Actually it is our moral responsibility to protect environment and all its subjects. We should also use available natural resources for the welfare of human beings and animals.
Unfortunately, we have been constantly misusing the abilities that make us special on earth. We have taken those unique abilities for granted which nature has bestowed upon us. The ability to think, converse, write, read, smile, explore and do inventions. Do other creatures have any one of these abilities? We have always taken such rare abilities for granted.
Through natural disasters, nature has warned us to mend our ways and act responsibly. But have we taken nature’s warnings seriously? No.
God has given us such a powerful brain that has invented so many things to make human life full of happiness. But antithesis to this, we have invented some highly destructive atomic and nuclear weapons that have capacity to destroy the home of all living creatures. Is it not the misuse of a beautiful brain that god has given to us?
The present deadly outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) is also god’s serious warning to human beings. God has given clear message to us and it is ‘mend your ways’ or get punished. Is it the first time that god has warned us? Of course, not. God has already warned us many times and now it is going to be enough.
God has provided maximum food options for human beings. We have uncountable varieties of foods, vegetables, fruits and so on. But still we act like beasts and eat many animals.
Look at the anatomy of human being. Has nature made us to eat animal flesh? Definitely, not. Our teeth are flat and our intestines are unusually long and our body is unable to produce powerful enzymes to break down animal flesh. God has made other animals to do this job.
There is perfect, natural order among wild animal kingdom. There are predators to put a tab on the outburst of animal population---and predators have short lives---and there are scavengers to clean the remaining carcasses.
We are obviously violating nature’s law by eating such a large variety of animals. Have you heard Tomohon Meat Market in Indonesia and Wuhan’s Wet Market in China? These are the places where all kinds of animals live and dead are sold. In those markets, innocent animals are brutally killed and their fleshes are sold for human consumption. There are also many other such filthy meat markets in operation across the world.
It is our responsibility to love, care and protect all these animals and environment. If we don’t act humanly and continuously break nature’s laws, then nature will also punish us with such viruses like SARS, Swine flu, Bird flu, Ebola and now Coronavirus.
We must realise our sense of responsibility and act like a human being. If not, then what nature has given us that nature can also take from us. 

How do you feel after reading this news?