Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Market monitoring intensified in Pokhara

By Our Correspondent
Kaski, Oct. 12: Market monitoring has been expedited in coordination of the District Administration Office, Kaski, targeting the upcoming festivals.
Gokul Sharma Poudel, chief of the office of Industry, Commerce and Consumers Protection, Pokhara, said that the monitoring was intensified after receiving complaints of artificial price hikes.
He, however, said that the prices of pulses, rice and sugar were declining instead of increasing.
"The price of food grains is declining. If someone is cheated or gets suspected while buying goods, they have the right to see the purchase price list," he said.
He said that black-marketing would be reduced if the bills were issued while selling and purchasing goods.
Poudel asked everyone to be aware of the fact that the traders were selling poor quality ghee with fake labels of pure cow ghee.
He said that anyone found involved in such irregularities would be brought to book soon.
Assistant Chief of the District Administration Office Gurudatta Dhakal said that monitoring was needed to curb the black-marketing of essential goods and other irregularities in the market.
He said that they had monitored Mohit Traders at New Bazaar of Pokhara-9 and Sulabh Departmental Stores of Lakeside in Pokhara-6 on Sunday.
During the monitoring, the team found that the purchase and sale prices were abnormal and date expired goods were found kept in an unorganised manner.
He said that the administration was monitoring the irregularities keeping in mind the complaints received from the consumers.
Chairman of the Gandaki Consumers' Association Kapil Nath Koirala said that the packaging industry was found to be charging higher maximum market price during the festive season.
"It has been found that the traders were selling ghee whose actual price was Rs. 150 at Rs. 350 at present,” he informed.