Sunday, 19 September, 2021

Khasur unveils laws for own village

By Belina Thapa
Lamjung, Aug. 5: The people of Khasur, Besishahar Municipality–10, have introduced their own set of laws. The laws, aimed at governing the overall socio-economic state of Khasur including, but not limited to, cultural practices, market prices and wages for the coming year, were formulated by the ‘governance gathering’ that is held in the village every year.

In the annual gathering, residents of the village meet and discuss their issues while also pondering on the best way to ensure social, cultural and economic progress in the village while also maintaining unity and equity, said Krishna Kumari Ghale, chairperson of the Khasu Hyula Mothers’ Group. This year’s governance gathering was held under the leadership of the group.
According to Ghale, the local laws do not contradict any government law.

The gathering has fixed the daily wage of a male labourer at Rs. 400 and a female labourer at Rs. 350. The wage for technicians has been fixed at Rs. 1,000 and for helpers it has been fixed at Rs. 800 per day.
Similarly, the price of a dharni (approximately 2.33 kilograms) of sheep meat will be Rs. 2,000 and a dharni of goat meat will be Rs. 1,000. One kilogram of chicken will cost Rs. 700 in the village, as decided by the governance gathering.

For food grains, the fixed price is Rs. 120 for a pathi (approximately 4.36 kg) of old paddy and Rs. 100 for new paddy, Rs. 200 for a pathi of old millet and Rs. 180 for new millet. A mana (approximately 0.56 litres) of honey will cost Rs. 800.
Local leader Nanda Bahadur Ghale said that such laws helped the people run their village systematically and fairly. He also informed that the rules were made in consultation with the locals.