Thursday, 24 September, 2020

Have A High Dream

Chandra Kumar Phuyal

In order to protect us from being drifted elsewhere from our study, our teachers used to say, “Dream high and work hard accordingly or else your journey will lead you nowhere”. It took us a while to understand what he actually meant at the beginning and we just took it as his tool to reprimand us, but when we began to understand, we found it very meaningful and a priceless advice.
He was not talking about a mere dream of a series of thoughts, images and sensations that occur in a person’s mind during his sleep. Instead, he wanted us to keep in mind a cherished ambition, aspiration or ideal while studying or doing anything and persevere accordingly so that it guarantees our success in our life.
Indeed, a dream is an aim or destination of one’s life which directs his whole attention, efforts and contributions towards materialising it.
A person’s future is shaped by the dream he keeps. It is his coveted-goal and passion that can change him, the society and the whole world. A person without dream is like a ship without a rudder and a journey without a destination.
The achievements so far made in science, technology, economic transformations and human civilisation are all just due to the outcome of dreams. Laxmi Prasad Devkota said, “Udeshya Ke Linu Udhi Chhunu Chandra Eka”, which stresses to have a lofty dream in life.
It is dream that gives birth to a vision, solution, invention, plan, strategy, and success at the end. If his dream lacks willpower and dedication, a skillful leader takes no time to bring coveted transformation in his country. It is their dreams that made countries developed and prosperous.
We need the leaders who have dreams and skills to make the dream come true in our country too. A dreamless person ends up in Sisyphus’s destiny despite his tireless work, blood, sweat and tears of day and night. Success will be a mirage for him.
The path to materialising dreams may not be so easy. It is actually tough and difficult. Unlike the dream during the sleep, this dream doesn’t allow us to sleep as it requires our continuous attention, tireless efforts and skilful approach towards efforts.
Sometimes our dreams are shattered and smashed due to unexpected situations. Yet we don’t have to give up. Recently, for instance, the government’s dream of Visit Nepal 2020 has been badly devastated by the world-wide spread of deadly Corona Virus. But it is not the end of everything. We may be down, but we should not be out.
A dream has to be based on reality. Having a groundless dream is like building a castle in the air. This unpragmatic dream eventually leads you to failure and frustration. Unfortunately, this will be a matter laughter and humiliation for others. 

How do you feel after reading this news?