Monday, 25 January, 2021

Elusive Utopia

Dixya Poudel

Utopia means a world where everyone is happy and equal. The term was first coined by Thomas More in his 1516 book called Utopia. Contrary to Utopia, today English literature is rife with novels that paint a dystopian world. Fiction is all about imagination that represents the various scopes of human lives. And fiction tends to warn the readers about the pitfalls of human trivialities and vices.
Often, fictional characters tend to clash with one another for their selfish purposes. In a way, such works are an extension of human creativity; however, it can often be a forewarning to the current world as well. In the real world, we might create laws against those who break them. We might purport to work for the betterment of the each and every life on the planet. But we will always be short of the utopian ideals that we keep aspiring for.
Every now and then, there are leaders who emerge from the rubbles of injustices and inequalities. Such leaders are revered and their teachings and theories are idolised, but with little result. We have certainly come far in terms of the advancement of civilisation. In most nations, we have created a democratic society where an individual has a say on who governs and who doesn’t. We have elections during which we vote for our representatives. And yet, the world is still raging with poverty, hunger and illiteracy.
There are countries that have done well for themselves where leaders govern within democratic regulations. Still, inequality reigns supreme in even the most developed of nations. The truth is the richest one per cent of the world possesses forty-four per cent of the world's wealth. It highlights the injustices of human world, one where a few select enjoy the vast riches and wealth while the rest are left in the lurch.
And politics was created for a civilised and equal world. Democracy that took its root in the ancient Greek is now a vital part of the world. It was since then promoted by Abraham Lincoln who famously said that democracy is "government of, by and for the people." From the ancient Greek civilisation, democracy has evolved as the most stable form of government.
However, it seems even the democratic politics has become just a way for politicians to aspire to power and positions. Tune to the news, one can hear and read about the damages caused by reckless acts of politicians. Corruption can be seen in almost all societies. And often politicians tread upon the dreams, wishes and visions of their constituents to build a future around their own selfish aspirations.
Politics has always aspired for utopia but the reality is far from it. Whether democratic, conservative or radical, it seems politics only succeeds in making the rich even richer. The divide between haves and haves-not keep increasing as the class divide is also amplifying. There are people who don't have access to the most basic of human rights.
There are places in the world where violence is all too common. It leads us to weigh on the future of human civilisation. Happiness and joy are a far cry when people can't sustain their livelihood. Throughout history, humans have always sought utopia. However, utopia today only seems like a distant dream that is as elusive as ever. 

How do you feel after reading this news?