Thursday, 13 August, 2020

Bamdev’s Smart Move

Parmeshwar Devkota

Like a mango is considered the king of all fruits, politics is called the master of all public policies. Politics is not god-gifted, but it was evolved after emerging victorious in fierce battle with religion, especially in the western hemisphere. The people who practise politics are called politicians. Unlike common people, politicians appear to be strong, dynamic and tactical.
By the very standards of politics, Bamdev Gautam, vice chairman of ruling Nepal Communist Party, is one of the leading tactical politicians in the contemporary politics. He is famous for two things. First, he lacks consistency and changes his strategy and position frequently. Second, he often floats new political proposals to give a new twist to politics in a flux. It is normally assumed that one who constantly changes his/her track will be weak but this does not apply to Bamdev’s eventful political career.
In late 1990s the then CPN-UML was very popular with its strong organisation base. It was expected to clinch a big victory in the polls that were around the corner. But, Bamdev led the party to a vertical split over the Mahakali Treaty. He propounded a new political theory that power emanates from division. When he announced his queer dictum before the gathering of party cadres and followers at the City Hall at Bhrikutimandap, the hall roared into cheers and applause for over a minute.
His new party, CPN-ML, contested the election, with the goal of mainly defeating the parent UML instead of electing their own candidates, which greatly benefitted the Nepali Congress. Unfortunately, the CPN-ML failed to win a single seat in the House of Representatives. But later, he joined the parent UML.
His status did not suffer in the parent party though he split the party. He was appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister in the CPN-Maoist led government in 2008. Former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, who had political height and influence, indulged in the power struggle amidst the tricky political scenario. Bamdev was the first to demand the resignation from Premier Prachanda.
It seems that Bamdev is chasing for the hot chair of PM after enjoying all plum ministerial portfolios and party’s top posts. He lost an election to the member of House of Representatives in 2017 from Bardiya-1, dashing his hopes to reach the highest rung of power ladder.
As the ruling NCP is embroiled in a nasty infighting, he now has floated a six-point proposal based on the theme that ‘political power derives from unity’. The idea is in contrast to his previous theory. His proposal has created a ripple within the party, giving much respite to the embattled PM KP Sharma Oli. Gautam’s well-wishers’ dreams might be fulfilled soon. They enthusiastically watch the next move of Gautam. The party supporters wish that it will be able to solve the intra-party feud no matter how much the leaders fritter away their valuable time. 

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