Tuesday, 11 August, 2020

Youth allegedly involved in making vulgar video arrested


By A Staff Reporter, Kathmandu, Jan. 14: Police on Tuesday made public a youth allegedly involved in releasing a video of ejaculation of sperm of a man on a lady's hair, who was travelling on a public vehicle. 

The incident had happened on a public vehicle plying along Dallu-Langankhel route in the evening of January 24, 2019.

Although three separate police units of Kathmandu were involved in the investigation of the incident, it was Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD), which reached  its conclusion after the culprit was brought to book on Monday night (January 13).

Metropolitan Police Crime Division, Teku, organising a press conference this morning, made Rabin Sarki, 21, alias Rabin Ruchal, a permanent resident of Bharatpur, Chitwan, public.

After the video went viral on social media, a group of women activists had reached police office in Kathmandu pressurizing the police administration to immediately find the persons involved obscene activities in the public and posting them in the social media.

Acting upon a tip off, Ruchal was arrested from Chitwan on Monday evening and was brought to Kathmandu the same night, according to Senior Superintendent of Police Shahakul Thapa at the press conference.

“We got an information that Ruchal came to his hometown after spending more than seven months in Delhi and Kashmir of India,” SSP Thapa said.

Ruchal, committing the crime, had escaped to India after visiting Kathmandu from Chitwan, said police. Police investigation had so far concluded that he did the act for getting a money from the social media after getting highest viewer and subscription for posting such a video in the social and pornographic sites. Ruchal told the police that he did so due to enticement of his friends.

According to the police, during his stay in Kathmandu, he had been riding rickshaw here. Police said that he was higher secondary level student.

SSP Thapa said that he went to Delhi in February, 2019 and there he worked in a MoMo factory for three months and then again went to Kashmir, India. There too, he worked for four months and had returned to his hometown.

When police started investigation into the case, the video was found uploaded through an ID opened from an ID of Rabin Ruchal. For this, the Metropolitan Police Crime Division took the support from Facebook Company, according to SSP Thapa.

Before the incident, Ruchal was residing in Kathmandu since three years in Baneshwore.

The video was taken first time in July, 2019. After months gap of the captured video, the video was uploaded in the social media only after five months, the police investigation showed.  

The investigation into the case was complicated as the face of Ruchal and victim girl was not seen in the video.

Police said that Ruchal had uploaded the video after he reached Chitwan. A day after he uploaded video, he had even beg a pardon for uploading the video and said he did so just for fun.

Police have prepared a charge sheet under cybercrime to file against him. 

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