Thursday, 5 August, 2021

UML parliamentary party issues whip to vote in support of govt's policy, programmes  


Bagmati, June 12: CPN (UML) Bagmati Province Parliamentary Party leader and Chief Minister, Dormani Poudel has issued a whip to the party members to vote in favour of the province government's policy and programmes.    

Addressing the parliamentary party meeting today, Chief Minister and parliamentary party leader Poudel said that since the policy and programmes brought by the government was standard, objective and result-oriented, it should be unanimously passed by the party, Chief Whip of the UML parliamentary party, Deepak Niraula, said.    

According to him, UML leader and Province assembly member Ashta Laxmi Shakya while addressing the meeting of the parliamentary party urged the party members to vote in support of the policy and programmes so as to get it passed in the Province Assembly.    

Chief Minister Poudel had put his views on the contemporary political situation in the meeting.    

Chief Whip Niraula said Poudel explained to the parliamentary party members regarding the questions raised during deliberations on the government's policy and programmes in the Province Assembly meeting held on Friday.