Tuesday, 18 January, 2022

TU’s erroneous result puts lecturer on the edge


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Dec. 4: A lecturer of Tribhuvan University (TU) has been facing mental and social pressure because of the negligence on the part of Tribhuvan University Service Commission.
There was competition among three lecturers in the internal promotion for the post of Associate Professor conducted by the Commission on November 1.
Based on the result of the competition, lecturer Madhav Kumar Shrestha was promoted with 76.82 marks – only to be disqualified after 22 days.

The Commission had published a public notice recommending Shrestha for the post of Associate Professor of physical education at Sanothimi Campus, Bhaktapur.
But after 22 days, on November 22, the Commission issued another notice of revised result wherein Mitra Lal Shrestha was promoted for the post with a score of 73.40.
Madhav said, “I already shared the joy of being promoted with friends and relatives, and the party was over. But, the TU error victimised me at last."

This is not the first grave error made by the TU. Even in the past, teachers and students had suffered from the university’s error. In 2015, the Commission for the Investigation Abuse of Authority had started an investigation into the result published by the Service Commission.
However, Kedar Nath Dhakal, chief of the Service Commission, said the Commission had the right to correct an error any time if it found one. Therefore, the case is also normal as other cases, he said. But, the Commission has been thinking about compensating the person for the losses he incurred, Dhakal said.

According to the by-law related to Teachers’ Appointment and Recommendation of TU, one can file a case at TU Appellate Commission within 20 days if they are not satisfied with the result. However, victim Madhav said Mitra Lal registered a complaint at the service commission, not at the appellate commission, which is against law.

But Mitra Lal said he filed complaints with the bodies, appellate commission and TU Service Commission. He stated that he joined TU service in 1999 while Madhav only in 2008. Therefore, he had appealed against the result.
Commission chief Dhakal also said that Mitra Lal Shrestha had the highest score of service experience among the competitors.