Saturday, 19 June, 2021

Three minors taken under control for manhandling doctors 


Karnali, June 11 : Police have arrested three persons on the charge of manhandling two doctors and a practitioner at Province Ayurveda Hospital, Karnali. They were arrested on Thursday evening from Kalagaun.    

As police said, all the accused are minors and the incident happened while Dr. Shankar Rijal, the chief of hospital, Dr. Yadav Upadhyay and Vaidhya Lok Prasad Regmi were returning homes after hospital duty. The incident happened near the entrance to the hospital.   

Deputy Superintendent of Police and Spokesperson of the District Police Office in Surkhet, Ram Prasad Gharti, said during the preliminary investigation it was found that three were drunk when they approached the three and treated Ayurved health practitioners roughly.    

Chief of the Ayurveda Hospital, Dr. Rijal earlier registered a complaint before the police, seeking an investigation into the incident and legal action against the culprits. Police is yet to be confirmed whether the minors committed the act at the command of others or not, it is said.