Friday, 6 August, 2021

Study about coronavirus gene sequencing begins


Kathmandu, June 30: The Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) has started study about gene sequencing of coronavirus in Nepal. The NHRC, through scientists and researchers, has begun the study about the gene sequencing of the virus in infected people.    

Executive Director of the Council Dr Pradeep Gyawali said that the study is being carried out to find out the type of gene found on coronavirus infected in the country. The research would find out the type of gene in Nepal as there are many strains of gene of coronavirus.    

The Council has forwarded process by signing agreement with Kathmandu University for the same.    

Similarly, preparation has been made for agreement with Tribhuvan University and other private labs. The Kathmandu University has already brought machine for the study of gene. Senior Research

Officer of NHRC, Dr Megnath Dhimal, shared that it would be find out how powerful is coronavirus after the research.    

Activities including test of labs and sample collection of coronavirus infected people is now underway for gene sequencing.    

All the countries have been carrying out research about the type of virus found on infected people of their respective countries.    

In the first phase of study, 15 people will be included followed by a group of 50-60 individuals in the second phase. The study will be based on people arrived from different countries and diagnosed with the infections. Gene sequencing is expected to trace the virus strains on the people arrived from different countries.    

The study will also show the development of types of substances on human body during the post-infection phase.    

It may be noted that 98 percent infected in Nepal showed no clinical sign syndrome and the study is expected to provide a ground to determine the type (s) of gene causing infections among the people here and which type of virus gene is mostly prevalent here.    

Gene sequencing will be based on throat and blood sample of the infected. Countries like China, the US and India have already started study about gene of COVID-19 which will be helpful in developing vaccine and medicines against the disease. The quality of study will be decided through a test in foreign laboratory on the permission of World Health Organisation. As he said, 10 per cent samples will be transitioned to foreign labs.