Friday, 6 August, 2021

Smoke, loud music used to disperse locust swarms in Pyuthan


By Sujal Shrestha, Pyuthan, June 30: Farmers of Pyuthan are worried after swarms of locusts were found in various parts of the district.

Suman Khanal, chief of the Prime Minister Agriculture Modernisation Project Pyuthan said that the locust swarms had entered the district from Mallarani Rural Municipality-2, Chuja on Monday night.

After the flying insects were seen in various parts of the district including Baraula, Arkha, Rajbara and Bandikot, the farmers have been driving away the locusts by making fire for smokes, informed Lal Bahadur Sen, a local of Rajbara.

According to Sen, loud music was also being played to disperse the swarm.

Prior to this, few locusts were seen in Bangesal of Sarumarani Rural Municipality.