Monday, 27 September, 2021

Siraha jail-breakers fall into police net


By Our Correspondent
Siraha, Dec. 4: Siraha police have arrested four of the eight detainees who had escaped from the custody of the Area Police Office in Lakshmipur Patari Rural Municipality in Siraha district.
Among those absconding detainees, Roshan Khadka of Morang was arrested immediately after his escape. Of the remaining seven, three were arrested from different places Tuesday night.
Nabin Yadav, 23 of Naraha VDC-1, Ganesh Kumar Saha, 21, of Golbazaar Municipality-6, and Randhir Yadav, 21, of Bhor village of Sakhuwankarkatti VDC were arrested at different places.
All the police forces were deployed to provide security to the Bibah Panchami in Janakpurdham and the by-elections in Kalyanpur Municipality-12 on Saturday.
The detainees had fled on Saturday when a fewer policemen were at the area police office.
They had escaped by breaking a padlock of the cell during the dinner time.
A police investigation found that Naveen Yadav and Ganesh Kumar Sah were the mastermind behind the plot.
Preliminary investigation revealed that they had prepared the escaping plan a fortnight ago.
All the fled detainees were hiding in separate places.
Naveen Yadav and Ganesh Kumar Saha were arrested one and a half months ago along with 89 bottles of drug Dialex DC each.
The other two arrested were Randhir Yadav and Roshan Khadka, who were under police investigation on charges of drug trafficking. Randhir has been charged with smuggling o f46 bottles of drug Dialex DC and Roshan into smuggling various drugs.
Uma Prasad Chaturvedi, Superintendent of Police and chief of the District Police Office, Siraha, said that one detainee was arrested soon after he disappeared from the custody
"The remaining four absconders will also be arrested soon," said SP Chaturvedi. The whereabouts of the four detainees are yet to be known and police are mobilised for their search.
In the meantime, Pradhumna Karki, Deputy Inspector General of Police of the Police Headquarters in State-2, formed a five-member committee headed by Senior Superintendent of Police Hariraj Wagle to investigate into the incident.
Investigation has also been launched on police woman Sarita Katuwal, who was sentry during that time, and Mahesh Kumar Yadav, who was posted as a guard commander. Both of them are now suspended.