Monday, 29 November, 2021

Rs. 55B allocated for post-quake reconstructions


By Binu Shrestha

Kathmandu, May 30: Finance Minister Dr. Yuba Raj Khatiwada in the budget of fiscal year 2020/21 has allocated Rs. 55 billion for the reconstruction sector to complete the reconstruction of the private housings, archeological heritage monuments and other structures hit by the 2015 earthquake.
Presenting the budget at the joint session of the Federal Parliament on Thursday FM Khatiwada said that the budget has allocated for under constructing Dharahara, Ranipokhari, main building structure of Singh Durbar and other structure.
The reconstruction work of such structures is expected to complete in the coming fiscal year.
The allocated budget will use to reconstruct the private housings, archeological heritage, school building, health institution, government building and other damage structures.
The government has provisioned necessary budget to complete the reconstruction of the heritages damaged by the earthquake in coming fiscal year.
Necessary budget has been allocated for the protection of endangered language, religions, and culture, Finance Minister Khatiwada said.
The government has also allocated necessary budget for building infrastructure required to develop the National Cultural Museum of Kirtipur that properly reflects Nepali customs, language, culture and traditions.
The government will give emphasis for the development of literature, art, language and music, he said.
Night time heritage walk, which started from Bhaktapur will be extended in the Kathmandu Valley and other cities to promote the tourism sector.
The government will start construction works of Greater Martyr Park in appropriate area.
The government will manage necessary things to preserve and promote the archeological heritage monuments which enlisted in the World Heritage Site.
The master plan of Greater Lumbini Area and Ramgram will be implanted and the further process will move ahead to enlisting the Tilaurakot in World Heritage Site.
He said that the ongoing construction 5,000 people capacity of Yoga Center and seminar hall has expected to complete this fiscal year.
It will allocate necessary budget to prepare master plan for the preservation and development of Janaki Temple area and Mithila culture and implement it.
The budget will allocate for the development of religious sites like Devaghat, Pathivara, Ruru, Birat area, Baraha area, Kakrebihar, Halesi and Gaurishankar with other sites, he said.
Construction works of Ramayan Paripath will start and manage necessary budget for preserve and conserve the intangible heritage managing the National Archives Book.
To promote and preserve the literature, art and music sectors, the government will allocate budget for Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Nepal Academy and Nepal Academy of Music and Drama.