Sunday, 11 April, 2021

Risky areas along Surkhet-Jumla road section being repaired with concrete blocks, asphalt


By Prem Raj Simkhada, Kalikot, Mar. 3: Many parts of the high risk Surkhet- Jumla road section which are deemed precarious are being repaired with blocks and asphalt.

Blocks have been laid from Manma, the district headquarters of Kalikot, to Pili slope of Nagma section in order to improve the quality of road.

The cement blocks have been laid to repair the road for a trial this year as the road section at Pili which was built with reinforced cement concrete (RCC) could not sustain even for a single rainy season.

This year we will see if the block works or not and then if it does not work then we will move ahead in planning to for the RCC of entire area that has been dilapidated, said Lila Bahadur Bhandari, head of the Road Division Office, Jumla.

"Each year, we have been repairing the road but it does not even withstand for a year so this year we have opted to lay blocks on the road," he said, "And if this also fails, next year we will lay double iron net and build it with RCC.

He shared that this section of road had been causing inconvenience to everyone.

The width of the road here is narrow and during the rainy season mud, swept by rainwater from the new opened tracks of Khadachakra Municipality of Kalikot, gets accumulated, which blocks the road for weeks. Therefore, this section of the road is considered highly risky.

As the road section is rocky with boulders lying over and below the road, it is risky to keep the vehicles stopped there when the road is blocked for rocks over the slopes might roll down any time during rainy season.

Meanwhile, the three kilometer road stretch from the district headquarters of Manma zero point of the road section to the district hospital has been black topped.

Skilled workers were brought in from Province 1 and 2 for blacktopping the road here.

Road sections at Serighat, Khadikhola, Pili, Nagm, Bhigm and Kalekhola of Kalikot are being repaired this year and it is expected that the journey in the coming rainy season will be easier.