Thursday, 5 August, 2021

Rapti River crosses danger level, high alert issued


By Siraj Khan, Nepalgunj, June 16: Dozens of villages around the Rapti River are at risk of getting flooded after the river crossed the danger level due to the continuous rainfall from the past few days.

Rupan Gyawali, information officer at the District Disaster Management Committee, Banke, said, "The water in the Rapti River had crossed five metres as per the flood measurement centre in Kusum area of the river."

According to Gyawali, the water level had increased in Dang, Rolpa and Pyuthan due to the incessant rainfall.

The local administrations have requested the locals to remain on high alertness.

"All doors of Sikta Irrigation barrage have been opened in Rapti River at Agaiya after the water level continued to increase," said Gyawali.

Similarly, the committee has anticipated that it would take around four to five hours for the flood of the Rapti River to reach the lower embankment area.  

As soon as the water level in Kusum reaches five metres, a siren is ringed around the river area as a sign of danger.

In the past years, dozens of villages around the area used to be inundated in the flood water as soon as the water level reached 5.40 metres.

Meanwhile, The District Administration Office has informed that high alertness has opted in the Maan Stream Area near the Banke-Bardiya Border after the water in the stream crossed danger level.

High alert issued

Chief District Officer of Banke Shivaram Gelal said, "High alert has been issued in the areas across the Rapti River after the water level increased to 5.2 metres."

He informed that the locals in the risk areas were requested to shift to upper areas and all three authorities of the national security were requested to remain prepared for disaster response.