Monday, 27 September, 2021

People-oriented grants will be transparent, effective ways: Rai

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By Our Correspondent
Biratnagar, Sept. 16: Chief Minister of State 1 Sherdhan Rai said on Monday that the state government would amend the working procedures and directives to make the distribution of subsidies and grants transparent, effective and people-oriented.
Chief Minister Rai directed the concerned ministries to amend the working procedures and directives after the state government received grievances from the people that the subsidies were being distributed based on the access and sectorial discrimination.
The Chief Minister and Council of Ministers also discussed with the assembly members for the proper implementation of budget.
During the meeting, Chief Minister Rai instructed to strictly follow the calendar prepared by the State government for the proper implementation of budget.
He told the ministries to prepare people-centric procedures and directives with simple language so that general people could easily understand them and closed all doors of commissions.
“We lacked experience during the last fiscal year. We did not have well maintained structures. We examined how the procedures were prepared and how the provisions were made. Now, all those procedures will be amended,” he said.
He instructed the secretaries to prepare all necessary procedures and directives and amend them so that implementation of budget will be possible in 15 days.