Thursday, 28 October, 2021

Parliamentary Committee seeks clear work procedure to tackle GBV


Kathmandu, Sept. 28: A parliamentary committee has directed the government to prepare criteria and clear work procedures in regard to the survivors and affected ones of gender-based violence. The government has been instructed to proceed towards the guarantee of survivors’ right to basic treatment and to live a dignified life.

The members in the Women and Social Committee under the House of Representatives demanded the government ensure immediate relief to the survivors and own the responsibility of their protection and guardianship.

The creation of violence is multidimensional as it is not linked with social behavior, but determined by economic, political and personal contexts, they said. The root cause(s) of the violence and ways of prevention should be identified and implemented, they said.

Committee member Laxmi Pariyar said it was the major responsibility of the State to prevent any sort of violence. She was of the view of implementing long-term measures for the mitigation and prevention of violence.

Amrita Thapa said several funds such as Single Women Protection Fund, GBV Prevention Fund, Survivors Relief Fund, Rehabilitation Fund and so son meant to for the elimination of the GBV and for the promotion of gender equality were primarily focused on providing relief to the survivors instead of advancing towards the goal.

The Committee sought the monitoring of the effectiveness of such funds. Committee President Nirudevi Pal insisted on the need of revising laws about the GBV.