Monday, 27 September, 2021

No need to worry: Nembang

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Kathmandu, Sept 19: Nepal Communist Party (NCP) parliamentary party's deputy leader Subash Nembang said on Thursday that there was nothing to be frustrated about since the promulgation of new constitution had laid an important basis over the course of four years.    
At a closing of the fourth session of the federal parliament, Nembang said, "The constitution of Nepal had laid a foundation for making a prosperous Nepal. We have accomplished a job which makes us prod that constitution was promulgated through people's elected representatives."    
Pressing for the need to move ahead by correcting the weakness experienced during the implementation of the constitution, he shared that the formulation of important laws for the implementation of constitution was already accomplished in the fourth session.    
The source for constitutions made in the past were then rulers, while the common people are the source of the current constitution, according to him.    
He pledged that the works relating to transitional justice would be led to the logical conclusion very soon. "Efforts are underway to appoint new office-bearers in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and Commission of the Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons."