Friday, 7 May, 2021

NC's role imperative to save parliamentary system: Senior leader Poudel


Tanahu, Apr. 11: Senior leader of Nepali Congress Ramchandra Poudel has said it is the responsibility of NC to save parliamentary system. The senior leader underscored the need of all side efforts to foil the national and international machination, which he argued, was aimed at destabilizing Nepal's parliamentary system.

Poudel reminded that NC had fought for democracy for seventy years. "Major responsibility at present is to protect system. For it to happen, concerted efforts are imperative," he emphasized, adding that system was more important than government at present.

Moreover, time has come to make NC the party with utmost trust of people. The senior leader said people should not be confused over what NC pleads and practices. "The trend of idolizing individual leader should come to an end in NC," Poudel demanded.