Friday, 24 September, 2021

More men file case seeking divorce


By Our Correspondent
Kawasoti, Dec. 6: Cases of divorce have been increasing over the years in Nawalpur District Court (NDC), as the divorce cases are being registered almost daily.
The NDC informed that 150 cases of divorce were registered annually in Nawalpur of Eastern Nawalparasi. 261 divorce cases were registered in the NDC in the last one year.
A total of 409 cases were registered in NDC from mid-July to mid-October 2019, out of which 100 had filed cases seeking divorce.
Durga Bahadur Karki, Information Officer, NDC, said that out of 100 registered cases of divorce, 65 cases were filed by men and 35 by women.
Only one case was withdrawn in the compromise of husband and wife, he added.
The NDC further informed that mostly cases relating to road accident, drug abuse and monetary transactions were registered in the court.
“After enforcement of the National Civil (Code) Act 2074, cases of divorce filed by men have increased by 95 per cent,” said the court.
Karki said that prior to enforcement of National Civil (Code) Act 2074 only two cases of divorce were filed by men.
Now, the number of divorce cases filed by men has been increasing significantly, he added.
“Couple whose husband has fled for foreign employment mostly files case seeking divorce,” said Karki. “Domestic violence, foreign employment and misunderstandings are the major reasons behind the increasing cases of divorce.”
As the newly enforced National Civil (Code) Act 2074 has enabled men to file for divorce directly at the court, men who return home from foreign employment mostly file for divorce, said Karki.
Part-3, Chapter-3 of the National Civil (Code) Act 2074 says that the husband or wife, as the case may be, desiring to get the relationship divorced can file a petition in the court.