Wednesday, 26 February, 2020

Minister Nembang inaugurates Bhimduttanagar Bus Park

Minister Nembang inaugurating Bhimduttanagar Bus Park (Image: RSS)

Bhimdattanagar, Jan 21: Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Basanta Kumar Nembang, has said that federal transportation law is being formulated at coordination of federal, states and local levels to make transport sector systematic.    

Inaugurating the Bhimdatta Bus Park at Bhimdattanagar of Kanchanpur today, Minister Nembang stated that three-tier of governments have been making initiatives for the management of transport sector.    

"The government has paid attention to make insurance and passenger's safety systematic," added the Minister.    

Saying discussion was underway regarding the problems of transport companies, fixed capital formation and transport fare adjustment, he mentioned that such issues would be settled soon.    

Minister Nembang added that the government had thought to make transport sector systematic for the past one year and discussion was underway on the act related to transport management in the parliament.    

He expressed the view that Bhimduttanagar Bus Park is very close with Indian city in view of distance and the bus Park has very importance.    

The Town Development Fund had provided Rs 75 million loan assistance to modernize the Bus Park. There is a capacity to parked 400 buses in the Bus Park and a security desk has also been established there for the convenience of the passengers.    

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