Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Meterological Forecasting Division anticipates cloudy weather


Kathmandu, Nov 7 (RSS):   
Partly to generally cloudy conditions will prevail throughout the country due to the influence of the Westerly wind over the next few days, the Meteorological Forecasting Division has said.     
There are also chances of snowfall in the high hills and mountainous region along with the influence of the Westerly wind and a powerful cyclone originating in the Arabian Sea, meteorologist at the Division, Min Kumar Aryal, said.    
"Although the weather will be clear for some time, it will become cloudy in many places of the country since the afternoon," Aryal said.    
The weather will be partly to generally cloudy in the hilly region of the country tomorrow with the possibility of light rain at few places of the hilly region, and snowfall in the mountainous region.    
On Saturday, the weather will be partly cloudy in the hilly region in the eastern, central and western region of the country whereas it will be generally clear in the rest of the region.    
As per the latest weather information shared by the Division, the minimum temperature in Kathmandu valley today was 11.2 degrees Celsius and the maximum was 24.1 degrees Celsius. Jumla recorded the lowest temperature of 0.5 degrees Celsius today.