Monday, 8 March, 2021

Locals' reluctance to undergo tests leave COVID-19 hospital vaccant


By Prem Raj Simkhada, Kalikot, Jan. 24: It has been six months since the unified model building constructed at Manma, Kalikot district headquarters, was converted into a full-fledged COVID-19 special hospital, but with the decrease in the number of active COVID-19 patients, the hospital has been left stranded.

Not even a single patient was admitted to the COVID-19 special hospital last month.

Dip Bahadur Rawal, in-charge of the hospital said that as the hospital was not attending any patient, 20 officials of the hospital was sent elsewhere to work.

"The Provincial government had deployed over 40 health workers in the hospital. But as the hospital is empty, we have sent 20 workers to other places for work," said Rawal.

In May, 25 persons were detected with the novel coronavirus infection at once in Kalikot. Since then, the building was being used as an isolation center for COVID-19 patients. In August, the Province government had declared it a COVID-19 hospital.

As of today, 250 cases of virus infection have been reported in Kalikot but not all of the infected patients were admitted to the special hospital. Most of the patients used to stay in quarantine centers made by the local level.

Of the total 6,701 Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) tests, 250 patients were detected with the novel coronavirus infection in Kalikot. All of the patients have returned to their homes after recovering from the infection.

Currently, people of the district are being reluctant to get their COVID-19 test done.

Hospital In-charge Rawal said, "Despite having symptoms of the virus infection, people do not undergo RT-PCR tests, which as vacated the hospital."

"As the hospital beds are vacant, there is nothing much to do other than basking in the sun," said Rawal, adding, "The hospital is located at the market area. It would be easier for us if we were given the authority to treat other patients as well."

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