Monday, 6 December, 2021

Leader Ram Kumari Jhakri arrested


By Dev Bahadur Kunwar, Kathmandu, Feb. 11: The police have arrested the leader of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Prachadna-Nepal faction Ram Kumari Jhakri on the charges of making indecent remarks against the high-level official of the nation.

Chief of the metropolitan crime branch SSP Deepak Thapa confirmed to The Rising Nepal that leader Jhakri was arrested from Sankhamul, Kathmandu, today.

According to the arrest warrant issued by the police, leader Jhakri was booked under Section 58 of the National Criminal (Code) Act, 2074.

Section 58 has stated that no one shall intimidate, whether by using any kind of force or not, show fear or terror to, or otherwise overawe the President or Parliament of Nepal with intent to prevent or restrain the President or Parliament of Nepal from performing any of the functions required to be performed pursuant to the Constitution or law or compel the President or Parliament of Nepal to perform the functions in any specific manner.

The criminal code has provisioned that person committing the offense will be liable to a sentence of imprisonment for a term not exceeding seven years or a fine not exceeding Rs. 70,000 or both.