Saturday, 28 March, 2020

Kohalpur declared prohibited zone

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Banke, Dec 8: A demonstration held following the road accident at Kohalpur has intensified here today. The demonstration erupted after a truck hit a seventh grader at a local Tribhuvan Secondary School, Prakriti Chand, was going to school along with her father on a motorcycle this morning.
The enraged mob torched the vehicle involved in the hit and set the canteen remaining inside the Area Police Office Kohalpur on fire. The area with its adjoining parts has been declared a prohibited zone to avoid any untoward incident.
The demonstration has abated to some extent after the prohibition order. Over a dozen of people who included students and police personnel were injured in the clash.
Area Police Office Kohalpur Chief and Deputy Superintendent of Police Hem Bahadur Shahi is among those injured in the clash. He was hit by a stone pelted from the demonstrators' side. The injured are being treated at the Nepalgunj Medical College Teaching Hospital.
Earlier, the police opened fire in air to control the mob. Besides, it opened fire targeting the mob when the situation took an 'ugly turn'. Sushil Thapa, a ninth grader at the Tribhuvan Secondary School has been seriously injured in the firing.
According to police, a large number of security people have been mobilised as the situation went out of control.
The Kohalpur bazaar has remained closed. The local business community has urged one and all to have patience to avoid further loss. The accident occurred near the school premises, prompting the students to protest against it.

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