Friday, 7 May, 2021

Kathmandu to get full amount, 170mln liter, of water from Melamchi from Apr. 18


By Mukunda Gaire, Kathmandu, Apr. 13: The Kathmandu Valley will get full amount of 170 million liters of water from April 18 from the Melamchi.

Tiresh Khatri, executive director of Melamchi Water Supply Development Board, informed that full amount of water will be supplied to the system from April 18. As a trial, 40 million liters of water was supplied in the system from March 28.

He said that the amount of water supplied to the Kathmandu valley was increased in a step wise fashion, for instance, 80 million liters of water was supplied on Monday, 85 million liters of water is being supplied today and 100 million liters of water will be supplied on Wednesday.

Khatri said construction of head box of the project was undergoing and that it will be completed within a month.