Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Karnali state will be illuminated within next two years: Minister Pun 


Salyan, Nov 7 : Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, Barshaman Pun, has said that Karnali state would be illuminated within next two years. The federal government has been carrying out activities in prompt manner to reach electricity service in all settlements of Karnali state.    

At a news conference organised by Salyan chapter of the Federation of Nepali Journalists at Barala of Salyan district today, he clarified that none of Karnali state folks has to live under dark after two years, saying the government has been forwarding activities to materialize the dream of prosperity.    

Minister Pun said, "61 per cent population of Karnali state is still out of the access to electricity service. The federal, state and local governments have been forwarding activities by allocating budget as well as keeping electrification at priority. So, none of the people has to be deprived of electricity service."    

Responding to a query, he said that study would be carried out for multipurpose projects as there was possibility of constructing multipurpose projects from rivers and streams of Karnali state.    
The Energy Minister said, "A study has already been carried out for the construction of 93- MW reservoir-based power project at Kalimati rural municipality of Salyan. The report has not been submitted yet due to non cooperation of the locals."    

He requested all to support in order to create environment conducive to submit the report.    

Similarly, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of Karnali state, Prakash Jwala, said that the Karnali state has given first priority to electrification.    
He said, "Karnali state has many remote settlements. It is not easy for electrification there. But we make entire Karnali state illuminated within next two years."     

Saying state-level office of Electricity Authority has been established for electrification in Karnali state, Minister Jwala said that study of possible hydropower projects would also be carried in the state.