Sunday, 19 September, 2021

It is responsibility of present generation to preserve heritages: CM Poudel   


Bagmati, July 29 : Chief Minister of Bagmati Province Dormani Poudel has said it is the responsibility of the present generation to preserve the heritages handed down by the ancestors.    

Chief Minister Poudel said so while laying the foundation stone of the reconstruction of the Churiyamai tunnel way today. The tunnel was constructed 104 years back during the reign of the Rana Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher.    

He expressed the province government's commitment to preserving and promoting the historical heritages, saying the conservation of such heritages would unleash development in the province.    

Province minister for physical infrastructure development Rameshwor Puyal expressed the hope that the works of development and construction initiated by th province government would be completed on time. He recalled that Chief Minister Poudel had instructed the bodies concerned to pay attention to the preservation of the historical iconic heritages of the province as this tunnel way, the Chandra Jyoti powerhouse and others, at the time of policy and plan formulation itself.    

The tunnel way constructed 104 years is currently in ruins. It was operated until 2020BS.