Monday, 6 July, 2020

'Gumba village not affected by coronavirus'


By TRN Online, Sindhupalchowk, Feb. 12: The Gumba Village of Jugal Gaupalika, Sindhupalchowk, has confirmed that it has not been affected by the novel coronavirus.

As a viral infection spreading among people of late has left denizens of the village sick, they anticipated that the virus was novel coronavirus.

Durga Dutta Chapagain, head of district health office, Sindhupalchwok said, "We checked the travel history of everyone in the village yesterday."

"No one from the virus affected areas of China or any other places have entered the village," he said. "Therefore, there is no chance for Gumba village to be affected from the epidemic."

However, cure for the viral infection spreading among the denizens have started, said Chapagain.

Chapagain said that the health office had employed numbers of health assistants and few of the infected had been cured.

Likewise, we have also requested the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, Teku to carry out research on the virus that has spread in the village, he added.

Homnarayan Shrestha, Ward Chair of the Gaupalika, said that he was on his way to the village with a team of doctors. 

He informed that among the 201 affected by the virus, 10 had been cured while one was in a serious condition.

"As only health assistants are available in the Gaupalika, I am going there with a doctor's team," he said.

As the symptoms of the virus spreading in the village was found to be similar that of coronavirus, the Gaupalika has asked Ministry of Health and Population for its support.

The number of people being affected by the virus has been increasing since last three days.

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