Tuesday, 3 August, 2021

Gandaki CM Gurung registers confidence motion


By Tara Chapagain, Kaski, Jun. 8: A confidence motion has been registered at the Gandaki Provincial Assembly Secretariat by Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung.

As Gurung was appointed CM as the leader of the biggest political party of the provincial assembly on May 12, he is constitutionally bound to obtain the vote of confidence within one month of appointment.

He will be collecting the vote of confidence in the provincial assembly on June 10.

Hariraj Pokharel, secretary of the Gandaki Provincial Assembly Secretariat, said that the vote of confidence motion submitted by the CM was registered in the Secretariat on Tuesday.

Previously on May 9, CM Gurung had resigned from his position a day ahead of voting on a no-confidence motion filed against him.

After his resignation, Gandaki Province Chief had called the provincial assembly members to submit the claim to obtain a majority in the assembly as per Article 168 (2) of the Constitution. Article 168 (2) states that if no party carries a clear majority in the Provincial Assembly to form the government, the Province chief shall appoint a member who can attain the majority of two or more than two parties represented in the Provincial Assembly as the Chief Minister.

However, as the claim of the opposition party was insufficient to collect the vote of confidence, the Province Chief had re-appointed Gurung as the CM according to Article 168 (3), which mention that if it is not possible to appoint CM within 30 days as per 168 (2), the leader of the parliamentary party with the highest number of members in the Provincial Assembly can be appointed as the CM.

Now, CM Gurung is obtaining the vote of confidence as per clause 4 of the same Article.

Currently, both the ruling party and the opposition alliance of the assembly are in minority. A total of 27 CPN-UML members and an independent member are in support of CM Gurung. After member representing Rastriya Janamorcha Party (RJP) also committed to supporting CM Gurung. Now, votes of two assembly members is required to win the confidence of the assembly.

Meanwhile, 30 assembly members including 15 of Nepali Congress, 12 of NCP (Maoist Centre) including the Speaker, and two each of Janata Samajwadi Party and RJP have formed the opposition alliance.