Saturday, 28 March, 2020

Federal govt should ensure drinking water sources in State 5

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By Our Correspondent
Bhairahawa, Dec 8: Chief Minister of State 5 Shankar Pokharel has said that the sources of the incomplete drinking water project which was handed to the state government should be ensured by the federal government.
The federal government should take the responsibilities of the 5000 projects which was transferred to the State 5, said Pokharel.
“The projects which were handed to the State government was worth of Rs 18 billion,” said Pokharel adding so, the federal government should ensure to complete those incomplete projects.
Speaking at the inauguration of the training organised for data collection with the help of mobile application, CM Pokharel said that the urban areas of State 5 do not have scarcity of drinking water but the rural areas is facing the scarcity.
CM Pokharel said that the government has planned to provide ‘one house one tap’ within three years.
In order to construct the Local Drinking Water and Sanitation Project the mobile app would help in collecting the accurate data.
He said that the integrated master plan is essential to manage the sewage and drainage in the urban areas as the waste management is being challenging in the State.
“There is no plan for the drainage management of urban areas in State 5,” said Pokharel adding if federal government would provide the technical manpower and ensure the sources then even local government can work on these issues.
He stressed that if the master plan for drainage management would not be made then the urban areas may face severe difficulty.
CM Pokharel said that if the rainy water is collected with the help of community forest then the underground water get recharged and there would be less scarcity of water.
On the occasion Minister for Physical Infrastructure Development Baijanath Chaudhary said that with the participation of local levels at all the 12 districts of the State would help in implementing the completion of drinking water project.
Member of State Project Commission Dr Bishnu Gautam said that the budget of the coming fiscal year would be made incorporating the drinking water project.


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