Saturday, 28 March, 2020

Every person is equal in eye of law: Kharel

Photo Courtesy: RSS

Bhadrapur, Dec 8: Attorney General Agni Prasad Kharel has said any erring person irrespective of position and power will be brought to justice on the basis of evidence.
Inaugurating the new building of the District Attorney Office at Chandragadhi in Jhapa today, Attorney General Kharel reiterated that judicial sector was working towards reinforcing the notion that every person is equal in the eye of law and no culprit- high-profile or whatsoever- will be spared of action.
The newly inaugurated building was constructed in five kattha of land at the cost of over Rs 30.71 million. The 26-roomed building features various facilities such as library, guest house, discussion room, victim-friendly complaint lodging rooms among others, according to the Chief of the District Attorney Office, Keshav Panta.
"We judge the accused not on the basis of the position s/he is holding or how much powerful s/he is, but on the basis of evidences," Kharel said, reassuringly that all the state organs were working impartially to ensure rule of law and curb the crimes in the country.
Urging the people's representatives not to exert pressure on attorney to release the accused one quickly, he said, "It is wrong to reach out to the higher-ups to free the accused ones until the judiciary delivers its verdict on his/her case."
On the different note, Kharel said that the law of Nepal has already criminalized the Chaupadi tradition and both, the victim and perpetrator, would be brought to justice if they were found to have practiced this ill-tradition due to which many women have been reported dead.

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