Friday, 24 September, 2021

Demonstrators go berserk in Kohalpur, Curfew imposed


By Sirajuddin Khan
Nepalgunj, Dec. 8
People in Kohalpur have been demonstrating after a truck (Number Na 2 Kha 9459) en route to Nepalgunj
from Kohalpur hit Prakriti Chand, a student of Tribhuwan Secondary School, Kohalpur-10.
The Kohalpur Local Administration has imposed a curfew in the city from 3:00 PM in the afternoon. A
meeting of the District Security Committee decided to impose the curfew.
“We have imposed curfew to maintain safety and security of the city after the demonstration turned
violent,” said Police Superintendent Bir Bahadur Wali of the District Police Office, Banke.
Chand has seriously been injured and her legs have completely crunched after the truck hit her on Sunday
morning while she was going to school.
The entire city has been in chaos after the local students and parents set the truck ablaze and destroyed four
more vehicles after the accident.
The market has been shut down after the protest started. The demonstrators also encircled the Area Police
Office of Kohalpur.
The brawl further deepened after a clash between the students and police.
Shusil Thapa, student of Tribhuwan Secondary School, was seriously injured in police action. He was hit
with a bullet during the blank-fire.
Thapa has been taken to Nepalgunj Teaching Hospital, Kohalpur for his treatment.

Police fired more than two dozen bullets in the sky to take the situation under control. More than one dozen
students and half a dozen policemen sustained injuries during the firing, informed the Area Police Office,
The police were forced to open fire after the demonstrators encircled the police station. The truck
driver has also been arrested.