Sunday, 19 September, 2021

Complaint lodged at Indian police post against SSB men that cut rope crossing and forced a Nepali citizen go missing in Mahakali River


By Lokendra Joshi, Darchula, July 31: Relatives of Jay Singh Dhami, a Nepali citizen who has gone missing since yesterday after Indian border security SSB personnel reportedly cut the Tuin, rope crossing, while he was crossing the Mahakali River, have filed a case against the SSB personnel at the Pagala Police Post, the police post which lies closest from the incident site in Pithaura Gadh district of India.

The SSB personnel fled from the scene after they cut the rope and also threatened the locals at the Indian side not to tell anybody about the incident, according to the complaint lodged in the police post.

Tuins, rope crossing across the Mahakali River, which is a borer river, have been used since India got independence as per the understanding of the locals living at both sides of the river for mobility as no bridge has been put in place.

Jay Singh Dhami's relatives, Bahadur Singh Dhami and Joga Singh Dhami, have also filed a complaint about the incident at the Nepal Police post in the Darchula district requesting for a fair investigation into the incident and prepare a fair onsite, first information report.

Locals of Byas have also submitted a memorandum to Darchula CDO Siddha Raj Joshi demanding action against SSB personnel involved in the chopping of the Tuin which result in the missing of Jay Singh Dhami in the Mahakali River.

The complaint lodged in the police administrations of both the countries makes it clear that there are eyewitnesses in the incident, the eyewitness who saw the SSB personnel who chopped the Tuin wire while Jay Singh Dhami was in the middle above the river.

Six Nepali citizens of Mal, Byas Rural Municipality-2 in Darchula district, were on their way to Khalanga, Darchula district headquarters, and they were coming via Indian route by crossing the river with the locally built Tuin. Five of them had crossed the river by Tuin, Dhami was the last to cross it. But the SSB personnel came suddenly and cut the wire despite being repeatedly told that a man was crossing the river with the help of the Tuin and the man was just in the middle of the river swollen due to monsoon rains.

The government of Nepal has formed a three-member probe committee under Home Secretary to investigate the incident and submit a report at the earliest.