Sunday, 11 April, 2021

'Change views on women to control gender violence'


By Our Correspondent, Dhangadhi, Mar. 8: Sudur Paschim Province’s Chief Minister Trilochan Bhatta said on Monday that it was a must to change the common views on women to minimise violence against women.

Speaking at a function organised by the Ministry for Social Development on the occasion of International Women Day, Chief Minister Bhatta said gender-based violence could not be controlled not because of lack of laws but because of the thinking of the people.

“Women and men have equal rights and duties in this province in every moment,” he added.

Minister Bhatta appreciated the roles played by women in the democratic movements of 1951 and 2006. 

Women had played a great role in the movement to promulgate the new Constitution, he said adding, “The Constitution offers many rights to women. However, it is still challenging for women to live a dignified life. Only effective implementation of laws can reduce the violence against women and end evil practices like Chhaupadi.”

 He asked the officials to work to reduce gender-based violence.

He also stated that the provincial government was committed to launching a joint campaign to minismise incidents of gender-based violence.

Speaker of Provincial Assembly Arjun Bahadur Thapa, Social Development Minister Krishna Raj Subedi, Deputy Speaker Nirmala Badal Joshi and others were present in the function.