Tuesday, 28 September, 2021

Bheri Hospital preparing for third wave of COVID-19


By Our Correspondent
Nepalgunj, July 27: Banke district, which was hotspot for both first and second wave of COVID-19, is now gearing up to contain the possible third wave of the pandemic. Bheri Hospital, Nepalgunj has started to establish necessary infrastructures as a preparation to tackle that.
According to Dr. Prakash Thapa, Director at the hospital, the hospital is working to establish 20- bed ICU for children, who are supposed to be at high risk of the third wave, with the preparation going in full swing in line with the direction of the federal government.
“If necessary precautions are not taken timely, we never know how dire the situation can be,” said Dr. Thapa, adding, “The coronavirus cases have only decreased, but not controlled yet. If people are not serious enough in following health safety protocols, things might well go out of hand.”
He also asked all to be aware of the dangers ahead.
He added that during the second wave of the pandemic, many patients were in need of medical oxygen, due to which the hospital faced crunch of oxygen supply and that the hospital was working to establish an oxygen plant. “If we can establish an oxygen plant in the hospital, the plaguing problem of oxygen shortage will be solved once and for all,” said Dr. Thapa.
“Though the flow of patients has declined in the hospital, infection rate is yet to come under control,” said member of Bheri Hospital Development Committee, Krishna Prasad Shrestha, adding, “COVID-19 ward is in operation and is bracing for possible new wave of infection.”