Tuesday, 3 August, 2021

75 Yarshagumba pickers stranded at Phu area in Manang


By Chhetu Sherpa, Kathmandu, June 17: As many as 75 Yarsha-gumba pickers of Manang have been stranded at Phu area of the district as the way back for them to return home has been blocked with bridges and paths destroyed by the incessant snowing and rainfall.

Bishnu Lamichhane, Chief District Officer of Manang district, informed that 75 locals of Manang have been stranded as trails have been damaged due to heavy snowfall and rains.

The people had gone to the Phu area for picking Yarsha a month ago and they could not return home because the trails and the bridges have been damaged by the rains, and they need to be rescued immediately, said Palden Chhepal Gurung, former member of the Parliament from Manang.

He said that they were in three groups, 25 person in each group, and that two groups are in a relatively safe place while a group of 25 people was in a desperate need of rescue.

Gurung said five of those in danger were rescued this morning by a high altitude helicopter. The remaining could not be rescued due to bad weather for helicopter to fly.

Gurung said that the stranded people were around Phu village which lies at the lap of Ratna Chuli and Lugula Mountain. This are is very remote as it also borders with China.

Phu area is considered a prime area for Yarshagumba (caterpillar fungus).