Monday, 21 September, 2020

13 Biplav cadres arrested


Karnali, Aug. 13 : Nepal Police has ramped up crackdown against the leaders and cadres of the banned Netra Bikram Chand (Biplav) Group. As many as 13 cadres of the Biplav group including four from Rukum-West, three from Jumla, two each from Salyan and Surkhet and one each from Dailekh and Dolpa were recently arrested according to the State Police Office. Police nabbed Karna Bahadur BC and Sahabir Mahar from Bheriganga municipality-9 Jahare of Surkhet. Both of them are said to be the district committee members of the group. State Police spokesperson Rajeshnath Bastola shared the police team recovered different documents, letter addressing to the contractors seeking financial assistance and evidence of donation collection. Four cadres including district secretary of Rukum-West Hiramani Rawal were arrested from Radibazaar of Aathbiskot municipality.Among other arrested were Udaya BK of Aathbiskot municipality-6 of Dailek,district secretary Ram Bahadur Bham ‘Udaya’ of Soru rural municipality, Mugu,district member of the Jumla Nanda Tiwari (a local of Hima rural municipality-7) and Sapana Budha of the same rural municipality. The State Police further informed that police teams held Surya Mahatara of Gothichaur rural municipality-1, Jumla, Mohan KC of Bagchaur municipality-4 of Salyan and Sejan Chand of same municipality ward-2. Among the arrested, one was released and cases have been filed against one from Dailekh, one from Salyan, four from Rukum-West and one from Dolpa. 

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