Sunday, 11 April, 2021

Vyas statue being constructed in Damauli


By Amar Raj Naharki, Tanahun, Mar. 1: The Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation (MOTCA) has stepped up to partner with Damauli, Tanahun district’s headquarters, for the construction of a 108-ft tall Vyas statue.

The ministry extended its hand for the construction of the statue to develop and amplify tourism infrastructures in the district. It is supposed to invest Rs. 45.5 million in the construction whereas the local administration will invest Rs. 24.5 million.

Vyas Municipality had already invested Rs. 15 million on the project before it caught the attention of the ministry.

The enthusiasm in the municipality shot up after the ministry decided to allocate budget for the project, shared the chairman of Shiva Panchayan Development Trust Ashok Kumar Shrestha.

The trust had managed to collect Rs. 34.8 million by holding a mahayagya, which they handed over to the municipality, added Shrestha. The municipality reported that it would release the invitation for tenders soon.

The trust was endowed with Rs. 3 million by Gandaki Province Tourism Ministry in the running fiscal year. The amount shall be used to build East Entrance and the road towards Deurali Nagar. The Ministry had provided the trust with Rs. 1 million.

This budget has gone to the construction of the Main Entrance. Shrestha shared the masterplan requiring Rs. 640 million for the completion of the total construction.

As per the Detailed Project Report (DPR), it is estimated that the construction of the statue and pedestal would cost around Rs. 342 million and other additional structures cost around Rs. 286.9 million.

The project was initiated in 2011. Rs. 7 million had been raised from mahayagya in that year for the construction. Rs. 1 million was used from the sum to make a model of the statue which is kept in the municipality.

The statue, costing Rs. 70 million, is expected to complete in four years. Three pedestals must be constructed in order to support the statue which shall take 1.5 years to complete. It is estimated that 30 kg of copper will be used in the statue.

The trust has put forward a proposal to assemble a museum, library and hall in the pedestal. Hindus believe that Vyas --the writer of four veds and 18 purans -- was born in Damauli.