Thursday, 9 December, 2021

Third gender Bhujel gang raped in Makawanpur


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Feb. 4: The perpetrator of a crime will bring something to crime scene and leave with something from it, both of which could be used as forensic evidence, the Locard theory says. 

Likewise, the police have arrested five persons for their alleged involvement in the murder of third gender Ajita Bhujel, on the basis of a mobile phone that the arrestees had taken after the alleged murder.

“We have arrested the accused on the basis of technical investigation on deceased’s mobile phone,” said Sushil Singh Rathore, Superintendent of Police, District Police Office, Makawanpur. “They were arrested on February 3.”

The Makawanpur police made the accused public today, by organising a press conference.

The police had confiscated the deceased’s mobile phone from Alisha Pakhrin of Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City-11.

As Pakhrin said that Ashish Bal of Hetauda-4 had given the mobile to her, the police arrested Bal.

Bal further said that he had received the phone form Buddha Lama of Hetauda-4. While the police arrested Lama, he said that Simon Pariyar, a truck conductor from the same place had given the mobile to him.

During the investigation, Pariyar confessed with the police that he, along with his friends, had murdered Bhujel after raping her.

According to the statement given by Pariyar, on January 17 night, they had reached Thana Bhanjyang, Hetauda-11 by a truck with registration number Na 6 Kha 6527.

Bal, Pariyar, Lama and Sushil Thapa of Hetauda-4 had established a sexual relationship with Bhujel in the truck cabin with a deal to pay her a certain amount of money, the police said.

The police said that Bhujel was murdered after the arrestees refused to pay her the bargained amount.

The arrestees have stated that they strangled Bhujel to death with a wire and had dumped her body in Camp Dada.

The police had questioned 250 people during the investigation. They have arrested Pariyar, Thapa, Bal, Lama and Pakhrin to carry out further investigation.

If the crime is proved before the court, the ones involved in murder would be sentenced to life imprisonment, as per Chapter on Homicide of Muluki Criminal (Code) Act 2074.