Wednesday, 14 April, 2021

They received tika in Dashain and are now heading for India: story of Nepali migrant workers


Govinda Sharma, Banke, Oct. 29: Although Dashain festival has not ended yet and transit at the Jamunaha border point between Nepal and India is restricted except for urgent works since March, a large crowd of migrant Nepali workers heading for India throngs the border point every day to enter India for jobs.

Hundreds of Nepalis arrive at the border every morning to go to India.

Those who cannot make it to cross the border even by lining up the whole day come back at the border the very next day.

Because of the long shut down, it has become difficult to live in the village due to financial problems. So I am compelled to go to India, said Bir Bahadur Thapa, resident of Simta, Surkhet.

Thapa said that he started the journey to India on the very next day of Bijaya Dashami, after receiving tika and jamara on Dashami.

Thapa said, "Because of COVID-19 pandemic, I had to return home earlier than previous years. But, now, we are entering India again in the middle of festive season because of shortage of money in the household.”

Women and new born babies in mother’s arms willing to go to India are also seen at the border point.

As many as 90,911 people have crossed the Jamunaha checkpoint and entered Nepal from March to October this year after the beginning of the lockdown period, said Bishnu Giri, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and Police In charge at Area Police Office, Jamunaha.

Similarly, in the same period, 44,227 left Nepal for India, of which, 8,083 were Nepali people.

Even though the security forces have tightened the movement in the border area, Nepalis have been going to India by saying that they are going for the treatment and medicine procurement.

Apart from this, the security agencies of both the countries have allowed those with Indian ration card to enter the border easily.

Lately, Nepali going to India have been treated normally by the Indian security forces at the border.

Meanwhile, 350 Nepali left for India through Jamunah on Wednesday.

According to the security personnel stationed at the border, people from India also come to Nepal to attend the funeral of their relatives and to receive treatment.