Tuesday, 20 October, 2020

Swollen Narayani River enters human settlement, locals evacuated to safer places

Swollen Narayani River floods human settlement in Bharatpur, Sept. 24, 2020.

By Shaligram Nepal, Chitwan, Sept. 24: Swollen Narayani River has flooded the human settlement at ward no. 26 of Bharatpur Metropolitan City.

Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, Chief District Officer of Chitwan, informed that the locals of the area have been evacuated to safer places after the floods enter the settlement.

Water level in the Narayani River has crossed the danger mark due to incessant rainfall for the last three days.

"As the water level in the river has crossed danger mark, it has posed great risk of flooding in the area nearby the banks. We have also evacuated people from Meghauli and Manglapur, ward nos. 28 and 16 of Bharatpur Metropolitan City," said CDO Bhattarai.

Besides the Narayani, the Rapti, the Riu of Madi and other rivers and rivulets that flow through the district have been overflown due to the incessant rainfall. Although no human casualty has been reported till Thursday evening, physical damage and loss has been reported due to inundation in the human settlement, according to CDO Bhattarai.

He said collection of details about the damage was going on.

Tourist area of Sauraha has been inundated due to the flooding of the Rapti stream.

Ram Bikesh Ray, chief hydrologist at the Narayani Basin Field Office, Bharatpur, informed that surface of the Narayani river at 10:30 am today was measured at 8.8 meter. Surface level more than 8 meter is considered as danger. Earlier, on July 21, the surface level was measured at 9.91 meter, the highest in the last 44 years.

With the flooding of the Narayani and the continuous rainfall that has posed greater risk of inundation and flooding of the human settlement, Mayor of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Renu Dahal, has urged all, especially to those living nearby the river bank, to take precautionary measures.

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