Friday, 5 March, 2021

Northern Lapwing spotted for the first time in Deukhuri Valley


By Gokarna Paudel, Tulsipur, Jan. 19: Northern Lapwing called in Nepali as Jure Hutityau Jalchara has been spotted in Deukhuri Valley of Dang district for the first time.

According to conservationist Chiranjivi Khanal, Northern Lapwing was spotted for the first time in Deukhuri Valley’s Rapti riverbank.

He informed that Northern Lapwing was spotted during the bird count which was coordinated by Himali Prakriti Organisation in coordination with Wetland International.

Winter guest birds come to Deukhuri valley and vicinity areas from Siberia, Himanchal Pradesh of India and the Himalayan region of the country so as to spend the winter.

It has been said that Ciconia Nigra has been found very less and Ruddy Shelduck found commonly this year.

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