Monday, 13 July, 2020

New law secures safety, welfare of Nepalis in Hong Kong: Chinese Embassy


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, May 30: Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Nepal has made it clear that the new legislation being adopted by China with regard to its Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong ensures safety and welfare of Nepalis living and working in Hong Kong.

"There are a lot of Nepali citizens living and working in Hong Kong, I believe that the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong is also conducive for not only the safety and welfare of these Nepali citizens but also the exchange and cooperation between China and Nepal," said Wang Xiaolong, spokesperson of the Chinese embassy.

He said so responding to media queries with regard to decision of the National People's Congress to adopt a new legislation on Hong Kong.

In the recently held National People’s Congress (NPC) Session of China, a decision was adopted on establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for safeguarding national security in the Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region.  

The decision adopted at the NPC Session to safeguard national security is designed for the steady implementation of “one country, two systems” and for Hong Kong’s long-term prosperity and stability, said the embassy spokesperson.  

Highlighting that Hong Kong affairs is China's internal matters and that it is within China's sovereignty to make laws pertaining to its Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong, the spokesperson emphasized that the NPC decision is for protecting law-abiding people in Hong Kong.

The NPC decision targets a very small number of people who are splitting the country, subverting state power, organizing and carrying out terrorist activities, and foreign and external forces that are interfering in the affairs of the Hong Kong SAR, said the embassy spokesperson.

It will protect the law-abiding Hong Kong citizens, who are the overwhelming majority, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of Hong Kong residents and foreign institutions and personnel in Hong Kong.  It has no impact on Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy and the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong residents, and will improve Hong Kong's legal system and bring more stability, stronger rule of law and a better business environment to Hong Kong," he said.

He viewed the new law would be more conducive to Hong Kong's long-term stability and tranquility and it was the most representative public opinion in Hong Kong.

“One country, two systems” is China’s basic state policy.  The Central Government has all along fully and faithfully implemented the “one country, two systems” under which the people of Hong Kong administer Hong Kong with a high degree of autonomy, acted in strict accordance with the Constitution and the Basic Law, and supported the Hong Kong SAR government and the Chief Executive in exercising administration according to law."

He pointed out that the decision adopted at the NPC Session to safeguard national security was designed for the steady implementation of “one country, two systems” and for Hong Kong’s long-term prosperity and stability.  

The spokesperson of the Chinese embassy dismissed hue and cry of the external forces regarding the NPC decision in relation to Hong Kong. "The Central Government is responsible for upholding national security in China, as is the case in any other country.  No state will allow any activities that endanger its national security on its own territory.  Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong and the Hong Kong affairs are purely China's internal affairs.  What legislation the Hong Kong SAR introduces and how and when it enacts the legislation is entirely within the scope of China's sovereignty."


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