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Narayan Gopal, the singer who hid his own pain but made others happy

Narayan Gopal Memorial Day


By Yalu Joshi, Kathmandu, Dec. 4: Narayan Gopal earned a special place in the Nepali music history with his timeless light classical vocal music. He has given us beautiful timeless songs: a person's love can make a huge difference in life, you may get hypnotised, do not ask me where it hurts. These are some of the songs, a few of the hundreds of songs he left for us, that have a special place in every music lover’s heart in the country.

Narayan Gopal, enriched with a fine vocal, was honoured with “vocal emperor” as well. Today is the 30th memorial day of a signing idol but this year no programmes were held to mark the day owing to COVID-19 pandemic.

Narayan Gopal, the musical talent of Nepal, was born in 1939 in Kilagal in Kathmandu and passed away on December, 4, 1990.

While remembering Narayan Gopal, another singer, Ram Krishna Duwal said that Naryan Gopal wanted Nepali light classical vocal music or Nepali Sugam Sangeet to be international standard and have global significance.

Saying that Duwal used to call him,” Daicha” in Nepal Bhasa, Duwal said that he was supported by Narayan Gopal while singing song in Nepal Bhasa as well.

I always remember how Narayan Gopal used to stress on ensuring Nepali light classical vocal music carry authenticity and originality of Nepali culture.

Narayan Gopal would be happy while listening to 'Dhafa Bhajan’, with full attention and used to say, Nepali music should carry the authenticity of our culture, said Duwal.

Likewise, another singer, Sambhujeet Baskota said of Narayan Gopal, “He had unique habit of enjoying in music to hide his own pain."

Despite having ill health, Narayan Gopal delivered a hit song which in turn benefited films as well, he added.

He added that Narayan Gopal used to uplift and encourage the musical talent so that they could contribute well in the Nepali music industry.

He said, “There is significant encouragement of Narayan Gopal Dai in my music career too.”

I was in company with Narayan Gopal since my childhood till his death, he added.

Narayan Gopal passed the vocal test by singing a song in the music of Manikratna Sthapit and Premadhwaj Pradhan from Radio Nepal in 1963 and from then he continued his singing journey without looking back.

He has sung more than 136 songs in his singing journey. Narayan Gopal has given voice not only in modern but also in songs of about a dozen Nepali films.

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