Sunday, 31 May, 2020

NA starts preparations to import med-supplies


By Dev Bahadur Kunwar, Kathmandu, April 3: The Nepali Army (NA) has started its preparation for purchasing and transporting medical equipments required for control and prevention of COVID-19 pandemic.

The government had vested the authority on the NA to purchase and transport all COVID-19 related med-supplies, under Government-to-Government (G2G) model.

Bigyan Dev Pandey, spokesperson of the NA, said that the NA would carry out the responsibility given by the government faithfully.

"Discussions are being held regarding the procedure of buying and importing the goods," said Pandey.

Pandey said that the NA might coordinate with the governments of China and South Korea for purchasing the med-equipments.

"We might talk to the ambassadors of both the countries regarding the same," he added.

The government had revoked its agreement with Omni Group on Sunday, stating that the Group couldn’t provide quality products to the government.

The government then, in coordination with Ministry of Health and Population, decided to entrust the NA with the responsibility.

The Omni Group has also been accused of irregularities in the purchase procedure.  

"The Chhauni-based COVID-19 Crisis Management Center has been discussing with concerned authorities on the issue," said Pandey. "The procedure will start after a clear direction is furnished by the center."

The NA would never step back during the time of crisis. The government should create an apt environment for the NA to fulfill the purchase procedure, said a high level Army officials.

Chief of the NA, Purna Chandra Thapa, has also directed the concerned authorities in NA to fulfill their responsibilities faithfully.

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